The Saiva Paripalana Sabhai, Jaffna was established in 1888 to revive Hindu religion and Tamil Culture in Jaffna in particular and in the rest of Sri Lanka. The Sabhai, which was entrusted with the task of managing Jaffna Hindu College, set up the Board of Management of Jaffna Hindu College and Affiliated Schools. This Board of Management was formally recognised by the Government in 1902.

In 1935, the Principal Jaffna Hindu College Mr. A. Cumaraswamy initiated the admission of girls to Jaffna Hindu College, which up to that time remained a boys' school. After this important initial step the Principal and other well wishers at Vannarponnai realized within a short time that there was a need to have a separate school for the girls.

The Birth of the College

On 10th September 1943, the Board of Management of Jaffna Hindu College and affiliated schools established Jaffna Hindu Ladies College, the only girls school which came under its purview.

Mr. Sivagurunathar Ponnusamy, the generous social worker permitted the College to start functioning at his residence "Ponnalayam". In view of the increasing number of students, the College was shifted to a portion of the playgrounds of Jaffna Hindu College on 27th February 1944.

History of the College

Our Founder is Mrs. Visaladchy Ammal Sivagurunathar of Neeraviady, the well-known Hindu religious social worker of the thirties, forties and fifties. The broadminded "Mother" very kindly donated 24 lms. (v.c.) of her land called 'Naduththoddam' at Arasady Road for the establishment of Jaffna Hindu Ladies College in 1941.
Her equally broadminded husband Mr. Ramalingam Sivagurunathar and his niece Mrs. Valliammal Sivaguru generously donated another 16 lms. (v.c.), including the Rajavarothaya Pillaiyar Temple for Jaffna Hindu Ladies' college.

Jaffna Hindu Ladies Primary School

From 1978 the Jaffna Hindu Ladies' Primary School consisting of Grades 1 - 5 attained a new status as Primary School. This is located next to Jaffna Hindu Ladies' College. The first Principal of this School was Mrs. S. Wickneswara. The present Principal is Mrs. T. A. Thuraisingam.

Founder of our School

Our Founder is Mrs. Visaladchy Ammal Sivagurunathar of Neeraviady, the well-known Hindu religious social worker of the thirties, forties and fifties. The broadminded "Mother" very kindly donated 24 lms. (v.c.) of her land called 'Naduththoddam' at Arasady Road for the establishment of Jaffna Hindu Ladies College in 1941. Her equally broadminded husband Mr. Ramalingam Sivagurunathar and his niece Mrs. Valliammal Sivaguru generously donated another 16 lms. (v.c.), including the Rajavarothaya Pillaiyar Temple for Jaffna Hindu Ladies' college.

Permanent Locatian

We very proudly stepped into our permanent location that was generously donated by our "Mother" on 7th September 1945. This was an unforgettable golden day in the history of our College. On the same day our Manager Sir Vaitialingam Duraiswamy laid the foundation for the science laboratory at a simple ceremony well attended by the Board Members, Principal, College Staff, Students and well wishers.

Although the classrooms had thatched Cajan roof over the clean sandy ground, the Principal, the teachers and students did not mind it and combined their efforts to build up the College.

Pillaiyar Temple of the College

The Naduthodda Rajavarothaya Pillaiyar Temple is situated in the land donated for the College premises, providing the continuous blessing to us by Pillaiyar, the God of Protection and Wisdom from the very beginning.


Founder of our College.

Mrs. Visaladchy Sivagurunathar


The first principal of Jaffna Hindu Ladies College was Mr. A. Cumaraswamy former Principal of Jaffna Hindu College. Until a permanent principal was appointed Mr. Cumaraswamy worked tirelessly for the development of our College.

Mr. A. Cumaraswamy 
( Ed.)

      Miss. Gayathiri Ponnuththurai (Mrs. Gayathiri Ganeshan)

Ms.Gayathiri was a strict disciplinarian who was very firm with the students. She paid special attention to the general appearance, dress   and behavior of the students. The youthful and active lady was a real performer. She respected fellow teachers and discussed the future of the college with them as appropriate.

Miss Muthu Atchchiah (Mrs. Muthu Somaya) 
M.A. 1944 - 1945

She was appointed on contract from neighbouring India. She enhanced the education facilities up to the S.S.C. from Grade 8. With these expansions there was shortage of space. The Principal took note of this and prepared the ground for new buildings at the land donated to the college.

Mrs. Jemmarani Sittampalam 

Our fourth Principal was Mrs. Jemmarani Sittampalam. Although she was with us only for a short period, her English Literature Classes were so absorbing that she is remembered forever at the College for these classes.

Mrs. Clara Motwani 
                            M.A. 1946 - 1948

Mrs. Clara Motwani from the United States was our next Principal. Although she was educated in the west and brought up there, she was a keen student of Eastern Culture Languages and Religions. As her husband was a North Indian she used to wear saree and blouse like an Easterner. She gave a prominent place for Tamil and stressed the importance of the International Language, English. She impressed upon the students the importance of English for University Education, Medicine and Science. She placed high emphasis in teaching both written and spoken English. The students who received Education under her were fluent in English and consequently secured several responsible positions in their respective careers, thus bringing credit to the Alma Mater.


Mrs. Sarojini Rao

M.A.L.T. 1948 - 1954

The youthful lady from India was an impressive personality. She used to cover the length and breadth of the College compound mixing with the students with a whistle hanging from her neck. No student or teacher of that time escaped from the sound signals of her whistle. Mrs. Rao provided ample opportunities for the students to study Tamil, English, Science and Arts. She personally supervised the construction of severa new buildings and the great wall around the College. During the carnival and lottery conducted by the Board of Management in 1954 Mrs. Rao was in the thick of every activity and earned the name of a great developer of the school. Jaffna Hindu Ladies College was elevated to the status of Grade II school with the student strength of over 1100. University entrance classes were also commenced. When she taught Health and Home Science to students following the age old Guru - Pupil tradition it gave every one a new view at the College. She introduced a special respect to the students for the school through the College motto "It ought to be beautiful, I live here".

Mrs. Vimala Arumugam 
                                    B.A. (Madras) 1954 - 1976

Mrs. Vimala Arumugam who rose from the position of teacher to Principal of Jaffna Hindu Ladies College was the longest serving principal of our Alma Mater. She was practically wedded to the College. During her time the College was elevated to Grade I status. A large number of students secured admission to the University of Peradeniya during her time. Mrs. Arumugam successfully steered the College during the transition from Board Managed College to Education Department Managed College in the early sixties. She led the fund raising efforts of Jaffna Hindu ladies' College through the organisation of a special dance program of Mrs. Karthika Ganeshan a well known artist and a prominent old girl of our College. Further the College students were encouraged to conduct the dramas 'Katpukkanal' at the Jaffna town Hall and 'Nala-Thamayanthi' at our College to raise more funds. These efforts supplemented the funds provided by the Government and helped to construct the assembly hall in the name of our Founder Visaladchy Sivagurunathar.

Ms. Pathmawathy Ramanathan 
                                  B.A. (Hons.) Annamalai 1976 - 1986

Yet another Teacher/Vice Principal/Principal of our college was Miss. Ramanathan. She started as a young teacher in 1950 and rose to the position of Vice Principal and subsequently the position of Principal. She was a very strict disciplinarian showing the way by her own actions to every one. The devotion and dedication shown by her during her lifetime for the advancement of the College helped to complete development in several areas. The administration block, new Science Laboratory, another Science Laboratory with 10 classrooms and the wall around the College hostel were all constructed during her time. The Pillaiyar Temple was renovated and 'Maha Kumbabishekam' was also conducted during her time. Higher performance in Education, more admissions to the Universities, achievements in Dance, Drama, Music and Sports brought fame to the College on a national basis in Sri Lanka. Many who were associated with her and studied during her time described her as an uncrowned Queen of the College and her period of stewardship as the 'Golden Era'.

Mrs. Thivyasironmany Nagarajah 
                                   B.Sc. (Madras) 1986 - 1993

Mrs. Nagarajah was appointed Principal after serving as teacher at the College from 1977 –1986. The student population of the College during the period 1986 –1993 was more than 2000. The College provided accommodation for the displaced students from schools in Pungudutivu. Two bicycle sheds were constructed at the College premises. A beautiful flower garden was also established. A prize day committee was setup and it fixed the prize day as 10th September. The first prize day was 10th September 1991. The teachers, parents and students provided excellent support for the various activities of the College even during the period when hostilities were high. The Golden 

Jubilee of the College was celebrated on a grand scale. An exhibition was organized for four days and a variety entertainment by old girls and students took place during two days. The foundation stone was laid by the Principal for the construction of a Golden Jubilee Block. The publicity given to the Golden Jubilee celebrations prompted the old girls of Colombo and Canada to start Old Girls' Associations.
Mrs. Saraswathy Jeyarajah 
B.A.(Hons.), Dip. in Ed., S.L.P.S. I, 1993 - 2006

Mrs. Jeyarajah became Principal of Jaffna Hindu Ladies' College on 21st October 1993 after serving the Universities of Jaffna and Peradeniya as well as the Education Department in Jaffna. During this period the students excelled in both educational and extra-curricular activities. Greater emphasis in Science and Medicine resulted in more students entering the Faculties of Medicine and Engineering in the Universities. The mass displacement in 1995 had its toll on the students, teachers and the College itself. Buildings were seriously damaged and valuable equipment and books lost from the laboratories and libraries. When the College started functioning again in the original premises, Mrs. Jeyarajah, teachers, students and well-wishers put all their administrative, educational and other talents in building up the College. Non governmental organizations like the GTZ provided valuable assistance. Religious activities were also given great importance. After renovation the 'Kumbabishekam' was performed in the year 1998 at the Naduthodda Rajavarothaya Pillaiyar Temple. There is a steady progress in the educational and the extracurricular activities since 1995. The Principal underwent a training program in Management in Delhi. In view of her dedicated and devoted service she has been elected as Senior Vice President of the All Ceylon Tamil Teachers Union. The Principal and the College also assisted several deserving people by providing accommodation to them and consoling them in their hour of need. During her period as Principal, she brought the students to Colombo on two occasions to perform dance programs. She retired on 15 January 2006.

Mrs. V. Perinpanathan joined J H L C as a teacher in the year 1989 dint of her perseverance and spirit of altruism she rose to the position of being the deputy principal of the college in the year 2000. She was appointed principal on 16th January 2006. Her enthusiastic participation in all activities that aimed at projecting the image of the college as one of the leading institutions in Jaffna reflects great credit upon her and has made her what she is today. Her impressive contribution to the progress of students in studies, sports and co-curricular activities has earned her the encomium of the students, her colleagues, the parents, O G A and the public.

Mrs. V. Perinpanathan 
B.Sc., Dip in Edu, SLPS 1